Heights Heroes Gets the Message OUT!

Heights Heroes can accommodate any car as a donation! And while this one “got away” . . . If that beloved treasure has outlived its usefulness, we can work with you to give you a deduction for the highest appraised value. And if the sale price is higher . . . you will receive the sale price instead of the appraised value! Bottom line: rare and specialty cars or boats do not present any problems for Heights Heroes! Happy to turn your treasure into someone’s dreams!

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Heights Heroes is LIVE!

Heights Heroes Foundation is excited to announce their formation and start-up. Co-founders Chip Ramsay (Washington & Lee Service), J. Shorey and Nancy Landreth are excited to bring this creative way of helping people dispose of “treasure” in a creative way that will provide the donor with a charitable gift letter, while helping to raise money to assist those in our community who need a little extra hand. From abandoned cars to that car you’re tired of repairing and don’t want to be burdened with selling. Contact us to discuss a bett ...

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Heights Heroes helps beautify our neighborhoods

Heights Heroes is pleased to announce their First Donation! While not flashy (or even serviceable . . .) the proper disposal of this abandoned car eliminated a nuisance for the new owner and generated funds for the Foundation. The success of this effort will open the door to other situations where cars that have been abandoned can be removed, recycled and provide funds for Heroes! If you have an abandoned car or truck, call us. We can help. Another example of how working together, we can make our world safer and better.

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